Biden’s Transit Ban Rule: inhumane

Published on 6 April 2023 at 06:43

As Title 42 comes to an end, there is a need to prepare for a robust rollout of innovative and humanitarian-driven initiatives that would alleviate both our border communities and the asylum seekers from the dangerous limbo Title 42 has created. Thousands have been waiting daily at our border, some for months, some even longer, forcing migrants into even more desperate situations. However, instead of providing a new way of operating that would allow for this stagnant world of exploitation and tragedy to transition into a better place, Biden's new rule, set to come into force on May 11, will bar non-Mexican migrants who arrive at the southern U.S. border without having first sought and been denied asylum in at least one of the countries they passed through on their journey, essentially forcing many people into already extremely overwhelmed and often dangerous systems. This policy of deterrence is not a policy of acceptance. It is clear that neither the Biden administration nor any administration in recent years has grasped the full scope of the migration crisis. Deterrence is a small part of the answer, but acceptance is necessary in seeing that this is a problem deserving of national dialogue and massive mobilization of relevant resources. The reality is that the more we push this problem away with deterrence, the more we abandon our sacred humanitarian values, and subsequently we will be even more unprepared than we already are for the migration flows of the future because of our lack of willingness to accept the inevitable future that is coming which will require us to vastly increase the amount of migrants we accept into the country. 

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